Snorkel the beautiful clear waters of Biscayne National Park while learning about its unique marine habitat and inhabitants.¬†Half day and full day trips on our powerboats go to the reef, wrecks or bay based on the weather. Full day sailboat trips stay in the bay and can snorkel in the fringes of the mangroves. Many times we see dolphins, rays, sea turtles, and many varieties of birds in addition to the tropical fish and invertebrates you will see when snorkeling. Your captain/guide is a member of the Biscayne National Park Institute staff who will teach you about the park’s interconnected habitats and the history of the area.

Snorkel the underwater world of Florida Bay and the coral reefs. The clear waters are full of life. Did you know that 70% of sport fish caught on the reefs spend some part of their life in the bay? Even as we motor over the shallow waters, enjoy the view since many species of fish can be seen directly from the boat.

We will cruise across Biscayne Bay in this beautiful National Park to the outer islands and reefs. We enjoy great bird watching as you are immersed in a unique natural environment. The miles of calm water dotted with mangrove islands are alive with the turquoise colors of the water while dolphins play in six feet of clear water. Even after exploring in the park for many years, we are still astonished by its beauty and serenity.