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Coconut Grove Snorkel Adventure departing from Dinner Key Marina

Snorkel Biscayne National Park from Coconut Grove's Dinner Marina

Quick Details

Duration: 3.5 hours

Start Time: 9:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.

Available Days: Every day

Fins are required to be worn by all participants while snorkeling as a safety precaution. Snorkel equipment rental available

Snorkel a reef, a shipwreck, or mangroves depending on the weather! Group size is small with plenty of room for social distancing on the boat, private trips are available.

Passenger ages 8+
Private Boat Maximum of 6 passengers, All ages

Snorkel a Patch Reef, a Shipwreck, or the Mangroves

Snorkel Biscayne National Park with this half day guided eco-adventure departing from Miami’s Historic Coconut Grove.  You will board your vessel at Dinner Key Marina at the dock right next to Miami City Hall with no more than 6 people.

You will cross Biscayne Bay and enter Biscayne National Park to snorkel an historic shipwreck, a reef, or the mangroves of a Florida Key. Each trip will visit two snorkel locations. Your Captain will choose the snorkeling site daily based on weather and sea conditions to ensure safety and optimal snorkeling experience.

Sites can vary from a small collection of coral encrusted ballast stones, to historic ships that crashed into screw pile lighthouses, to the mangled metal structures of modern ships.

In the open ocean, you will snorkel around patch coral reefs which is full of color and diversity. There are hundreds of species of fish and many interesting sea creatures to discover.

Along the protected mangrove fringes of the norther most Florida Keys, snorkel the habitat which is home to many species of juvenile sea life and fish. See all there is to discover in the unique snorkeling location, including soft corals and sea sponges.

For a more enjoyable experience during the winter and spring months, an island visit may be substituted for the second snorkel site depending on the weather and water conditions.

Your Captain/Institute Naturalist will explain why coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses are all vital to the health of the local ecosystems.

Drinking water is available, please bring a refillable container to minimize trash. In an open boat, we recommend bringing a light jacket and towels as temperatures on the water can be cooler especially after being in the water. Please don’t bring anything on the boat that can’t get wet!

Participation Requirements
This program is designed for active adults and children over 8 who are good swimmers. Open ocean water depth can vary from 7-20 feet. Swimming in the ocean, you may encounter currents and swells which require the ability to swim and float confidently. Inflatable snorkeling vests are required, optional life jackets and pool noodles are available on the boat upon request.

The trip travels by high-speed boat in open waters where the jarring motion of the boat could cause problems for pregnant women, those with recent surgeries or back injuries, and can cause motion/sea sickness. To best accommodate you and make your trip safe and enjoyable, please make a note in your reservation or privately notify our captain or mate if:

* you are not an experienced snorkeler
* you have any recent surgeries
* you have any back injuries
* you have any medical conditions
* you are prone to motion/sea sickness
* you are pregnant
* You have any other concerns regarding your safety and health

Please note: If it is determined the trip may not be suitable for you based on the days conditions a full refund will be offered.


– This trip begins and ends in Coconut Grove at Dinner Key Marina and is located at 3500 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133.

– Upon arrival, please check-in with your Captain. The Boat is located at the dock directly next to Miami City Hall on the north side of the building before Pier 1.

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– Mask, snorkel, and fins are available for rent. The bundle is $10, fins alone are $4. Wetsuit rental is currently not available at this location.
– We recommend you bring your own snorkel gear.
– Spear guns and fishing equipment are not allowed on our trips.

Important Medical and Liability Release Information and Waivers for Snorkeling
No printing necessary. You can even complete the waivers on your phone! Adults over the age of 18 must complete and submit their own waiver. Minors ages 17 and younger must have a parent or legal guardian complete and submit a waiver on behalf of the minor. For snorkel activities there are separate waivers for adults and minors, please be sure you are completing the appropriate waiver. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. To complete the waiver process, you will need to confirm your email address through an email that will be sent by Smartwaiver.

Snorkeling is an exciting and demanding activity. When performed correctly, applying correct techniques, it is relatively safe. However, there are certain medical conditions that increase risk. If you have a medical condition described on the Medical Statement or any other condition that would be contrary to safe participation in any in-water activities, you must provide documentation that you sought the advice of a physician prior to engaging in snorkel activities.

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