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Keep Biscayne Beautiful

Keep Biscayne Beautiful Promotes The Health Of Biscayne Bay Through Awareness And Action

What it is

Keep Biscayne Beautiful is a call to action inspiring all to take action and help promote the health of Biscayne Bay and its surrounding areas. A partnership between Biscayne National Park and the Biscayne National Park Institute, this initiative’s goals are to unite the efforts of individuals, organizations and agencies focused on three main objectives:

  1. Marine Stewardship
  2. Marine Education
  3. Marine Recreation

Why We Care

Biscayne Bay and its surrounding areas are truly South Florida’s crown jewels. The glittering, crystal-clear blue waters beckon us to come and enjoy them. Many of us have grown up here along these waters boating, fishing, snorkeling, paddling, or just admiring the view from the shore. Others have just arrived and begun to marvel at the opportunities awaiting them in their aquamarine backyard. Some come for a visit and long for the day they can return to this oasis lying just beyond the Magic City.

Along with being our shared treasures, these areas are home to birds, marine mammals such as bottlenose dolphins and manatees, reptiles, fish, marine plants, invertebrates, threatened and endangered species, and our commercially important species like crabs and lobster. Just like us, they depend on these waters and shorelines for healthy, safe places to grow.


How You Can Take Action

You’ve got what it takes to make a difference! There are so many ways that we can all get involved in keeping Biscayne beautiful while inspiring others to do the same! Joining a cleanup event is a fun, hands-on chance to work alongside your neighbors.

Biscayne National Park Institute hosts cleanups, learn more and sign up below:

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Dispose of trash properly and pick up trash when you see it
  • Secure items and trash on boats
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to post pictures using #KeepBiscayneBeautiful