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  • Departs From: Homestead

Kayak The Mangroves

Quick Details

Departure Location: Dante Fascell Visitor Center in Homestead, FL

Duration: 1.5 hours

Start Time: 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m.

Age Limits: Age 6+ on shared trips, 3 and older on private.

Adult to Child ratio: 1 adult 18+ per 1 child shared trips, 1 adult 18+ per 2 children on private trips. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Important Information:

    • Price when booking is per participant.
    • For the safety of all our guests, there is a maximum weight limit of 275 for all in-water-activities. This includes the following activities: kayaking, paddle boarding (SUPs), snorkeling, and SCUBA diving. There is not a weight limit for guests who are not engaging in an in-water-activity.
    • For the safety of all our guests, guests must be able to climb a four-step vertical ladder without assistance. This ladder will be used to get on and off the boat when participating in an in-water-activity.
    • Before completing your booking, make sure to read our Cancellation Policy.
    • Please read all information below including the drop down menus to learn more about this trip.
Guided Paddle Participant Price per person
Private Trip Up to 6 paddlers
Private Trip Up to 10 paddlers

Explore Biscayne National Park’s watery trails!

Join our Naturalist in exploring the mangroves and seagrass meadows on a kayak! Biscayne National Park boasts one of the longest contiguous stretches of mangrove shoreline left on the United States’ eastern shoreline and are considered a vulnerable habitat. Mangroves are home to many birds, tree crabs, the mangrove snake, juvenile fish, and several rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

Your program will be led by naturalist for the first 30 minutes and then you will be able to paddle on your own for the next hour. The naturalist will show you where to watch for interesting wildlife and tell you about what you may see.  Your guide will also give pointers on how to enter and exit your boat, how to use your paddle efficiently, and how to stay safe on the water.

Be Prepared:

Protective foot wear required,  flip-flops are not permitted.

On shared bookings there must be at least one adult per double kayak with no more than 1 child. Private bookings can have up to 2 children per adult in a double kayak.

Life jackets, kayaks, and paddles will be provided during this trip. We use sit-on-top kayaks that will be used as a double kayak. We will try our best to accommodate the single or odd paddler in a group to their own kayak, but passenger may have to share a kayak with another single or odd paddler from another odd group.