We offer paddling for an hour to a full day where you can explore either on your own or with a guide from our knowledgeable staff. Guided tours in remote Jones Lagoon are an adventure not to be missed for active visitors. Our Adams Key Exploration includes free use of paddle equipment. While you are visiting the island you can take a self-guided tour in the shallow calm, clear waters surrounding it. Daytime paddlecraft rentals are available at the visitor center for several of the nearby paddling trails that are accessible from the launch area.

Jones Lagoon Paddles are done as half-day trips in the morning or as part of our full-day snorkel and paddle adventure. Experience the natural beauty and the unique landscape that the mangrove and seagrass habitats offer in what is one of the most remote areas of the park.

Explore Adams Key and the surrounding waters on our “Adams Key Exploration.” Hike on the island and/or paddle through the mangroves with included paddle equipment. Relax at the picnic pavilion or pull up a chair and sit on the dock on the bay.  Adams Key lies on the north side of swift-moving Caesar Creek. Once home to the famed Cocolobo Club, a retreat for people like Carl Fisher, Gar Wood and Presidents Harding, Hoover, Johnson and Nixon, Adams Key now has a day-use area and dock. A short trail leads through the hardwood hammock.

Canoe, paddle board and kayak rentals are available at the Dante Fascell Visitor Center for an hour to a day. The shallow waters and two nearby trails can be fun for all ages.

Tom Schroder of the Washington Post talks about finding protection in the mangroves on a windy day:

Peter caught up, and we sheltered in a small cove in the lee of the mangroves. As we caught our breath, we stared mesmerized into the universe of arcing roots. They rose above the inflowing waves like so many twisting stilts, merging into thick grey trunks that slanted skyward, holding a crown of green above our heads. After the tempest, it was a haven we weren’t eager to abandon.

Join us for your own exploration of one of nature’s treasures where you will be transported to a tropical marine environment that is like no other in the United States. It is a special privilege to paddle in these waters, where you will enjoy beautiful vistas with amazing wildlife in mother nature’s nursery.